This webpage will be removed upon complete restitution of dollars owed in the amount of $1,521.00.

Timeline of Events:

  1. Before 4/3/2004: Work performed is completely paid off via cash directly from REDACTED 3rd PARTY.
  2. After 4/3/2004: Work completed after this date was not paid.
  3. 6/22/2004: Payment for all work due on 4/3/2004 was expected. Aaron Snow agreed to pay only $100 of the total amount of $1521.00.
  4. Aaron Snow refused to sign an agreement on the payment plan while at the Gllatech building.
  5. Weldon Hastings is in possession of two items belonging to Aaron Snow: Dex 795 Fax/copier/printer/phone and a Toshiba Laptop. These items were taken by Snow from the Galiatech building without notification to PRIVATE INVESTOR or the building owner. The items are available for pick up if full payment is made for services and products rendered. A service charge may apply if repairs are needed.
  6. Double billing and billing for the same computers have never occurred.
  7. Aaron Snow has copies of the invoices and statements in question.
  8. Emails between Aaron Snow and Weldon Hastings have been documented since the problems occurred.
  9. Aaron Snow contacted an attorney, and REDACTED (presumably a mortgage company) stepped out of the picture and will not garnish wages. The contact person at REDACTED COMPANY was REDACTED PERSONS NAME.
  10. There are no signed agreements between Aaron Snow and Weldon Hastings regarding any PC work or non-PC related work.
  11. (presumably a business) received furnishings from REDACTED, but payment has not been made to date. may have to turn over the furniture to REDACTED.
  12. A police report was filed on Aaron Snow for making 30 phone calls in under a 2-hour time frame. Snow was told to go to the prosecutor if the harassment continued. Emails were also being sent at a rate of 1 per day following this incident.
  13. 6/7/2023 this post was created. Payment to date has not been made.


Aaron Snow is a versatile individual with a diverse background and a range of experiences. Born in November 1975, he hails from Cleveland, Ohio. Throughout his life, Aaron has pursued various career paths and engaged in different ventures. While there are positive aspects to his journey, there are also negative aspects worth mentioning.

On the positive side, Aaron Snow has demonstrated a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit. He has been involved in multiple businesses, including A & W Foods LLC, Royal Marketing LLC, and Graphic Designs Co. His commitment to these ventures shows his drive and ambition to create and manage successful enterprises. Additionally, his employment history reflects his ability to adapt to different roles and industries, such as working as a loan officer, owner of a graphic design company, and bail bond agent.

Aaron Snow’s involvement in these businesses and employment positions demonstrates his willingness to take risks and explore various fields. This adaptability suggests an open-mindedness and a desire for personal growth and development.

However, there are negative aspects to Aaron Snow’s story as well. Public records indicate potential financial challenges and legal issues, including unpaid debts, tax liens, and judgments. These negative aspects may point to financial mismanagement or difficulties in meeting financial obligations.

It’s important to approach this bio with an understanding that the information provided is based on public records, and the accuracy and completeness of these records may vary. It’s crucial to conduct thorough research and gather up-to-date information to form a comprehensive and accurate assessment of Aaron Snow’s personal and professional life.

In summary, Aaron Snow is an individual who has shown ambition, adaptability, and a willingness to take on different ventures. While there are positive aspects to his journey, it is important to be aware of potential financial challenges and legal issues that have been associated with his name.

Why is Aaron Snow on

Aaron Snow and were once engaged in a business arrangement that has since become a source of tension and financial dispute. The story between them unfolds with a series of events and interactions that have led to unresolved financial obligations and the involvement of a collection agency.

It all started when Weldon Hastings, the owner of, provided services and computers to Aaron Snow. The agreement between them outlined the work to be performed and the associated costs. Weldon diligently carried out the services, ensuring the quality and timely delivery of the work. Additionally, he provided the necessary computer equipment to support Aaron Snow’s needs.

However, as time passed, issues arose regarding payment. Aaron Snow failed to fulfill his financial obligations to, resulting in an outstanding debt of $1521.00 as of June 7, 2023. Despite Weldon’s efforts to communicate and resolve the matter amicably, the outstanding amount remained unpaid.

In an attempt to recover the debt, decided to enlist the assistance of First Federal Credit Control, a reputable collection agency. On July 27, 2005, the responsibility for collecting the owed funds was transferred to First Federal Credit Control, and they can be contacted at 216-360-2000. The involvement of a collection agency signifies the escalating seriousness of the situation.

To support the case against Aaron Snow, there is a trail of emails that serve as evidence of his admission of owing the money. These emails, exchanged between Aaron and Weldon, demonstrate Aaron’s acknowledgment of the outstanding debt. The email exchanges further substantiate Weldon’s claims and strengthen the case for debt collection.

The unresolved financial dispute between Aaron Snow and has caused strain on their professional relationship. It is a situation that highlights the importance of fulfilling financial commitments and the potential consequences of failing to do so. Both parties have been affected by the ensuing tensions and the involvement of a collection agency.

As this story continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Aaron Snow and will resolve their financial dispute. It serves as a reminder of the importance of clear communication, fulfilling financial obligations, and seeking resolutions to disputes in a timely and amicable manner.

As the story between Aaron Snow and continues, the unresolved financial dispute has taken its toll on both parties involved. The involvement of First Federal Credit Control, a collection agency, has added a new layer of complexity to the situation. The fate of the outstanding debt hangs in the balance as the parties navigate the legal and financial avenues available to them.

Weldon Hastings, the owner of, is determined to pursue the owed funds and recover the amount owed by Aaron Snow. He has provided First Federal Credit Control with all the necessary documentation, including the email exchanges where Aaron admitted to owing the money. These records serve as crucial evidence supporting Weldon’s claim and bolstering the collection agency’s efforts.

For Aaron Snow, the mounting pressure from the involvement of First Federal Credit Control serves as a stark reminder of his financial obligations. The unpaid debt has consequences not only for his personal finances but also for his reputation and future business prospects. The weight of the situation has undoubtedly caused stress and strain on his professional and personal life.

The engagement of a collection agency highlights the seriousness of the situation. First Federal Credit Control has the expertise and resources to pursue the collection of the outstanding debt through legal means if necessary. This development adds a sense of urgency for Aaron Snow to address the issue promptly and find a resolution.

Both parties are now faced with important decisions. Aaron Snow must confront the reality of his financial responsibility and consider the potential consequences of failing to address the outstanding debt., represented by First Federal Credit Control, will continue their efforts to recover the owed funds, employing all appropriate legal means available to them.

The story between Aaron Snow and serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of honoring financial commitments and resolving disputes promptly. It underscores the potential impact that unresolved debts can have on individuals and businesses alike. As the narrative unfolds, the ultimate resolution of this financial dispute remains uncertain, leaving Aaron Snow and in a state of anticipation and uncertainty.

History of Email Addresses

  1. – Valid since December 11, 2019.
  2. – Valid since unknown.
  3. – Valid since unknown.
  4. – Valid since March 13, 2010.
  5. – Valid since September 10, 2009.
  6. – Valid since August 21, 2013.
  7. – Valid since unknown.
  8. – Valid since October 1, 2011.
  9. – Valid since August 21, 2003.
  10. – Valid since September 11, 2009.
  11. – Valid since March 10, 2007.
  12. – Valid since December 20, 2009.
  13. – Valid since October 9, 2008.
  14. – Valid since September 8, 2008.
  15. – Valid since January 16, 2012.
  16. – Valid since unknown.

History of Phone Numbers

  1. (216) 973-2350 – Mobile number located in North Royalton, OH 44023.
  2. (216) 470-1300 – Mobile number located in North Royalton, OH 44023.
  3. (812) 886-6431 – Residential number located in Vincennes, IN 47591.
  4. (561) 637-3716 – Residential number located in Delray Beach-Kings Point, FL 33435.
  5. (216) 389-1800 – Mobile number located in North Royalton, OH 44023.
  6. (561) 270-7319 – Otherphone number located in Miami, FL 33435.
  7. (216) 410-5666 – Mobile number located in North Royalton, OH 44023.
  8. (216) 514-1700 – Landline number located in Beachwood-Terrace, OH 44022.
  9. (812) 887-1792 – Mobile number located in Vincennes, IN 47591.
  10. (216) 469-2328 – Mobile number located in North Royalton, OH 44023.

History of Addresses

  1. 3670 Avalon Rd, Cleveland, OH, 44120
  2. 25019 Duffield Rd, Beachwood, OH, 44122
  3. 1652 Glenmont Rd, Cleveland, OH, 44118

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